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Due to improving COVID-19 conditions, we now offer in-person presentations. We also continue to offer ZOOM as an alternate way to attend. Contact us for details.

Our regular workshops or presentations are available to the public 

On ZOOM or IN-PERSON: Program Room,

Terry Fox Library,

2150 Wilson Ave.,

Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6J5


To attend, please send an e-mail - STATING Zoom or In person to: 

Public welcome!

Sat., June 1st 2024



Gisela Woldenga

How to Tackle The Soggy Middle,

Writers sometimes get stuck in the middle of writing a book or short story. If not handled well, the middle of your story can become stuffed, unfocused, and lacking in tension. Coquitlam author, Gisela Woldenga will discuss how to avoid getting stuck and prepare for it in advance.


Gisela Woldenga is an author and an actress living in Coquitlam. She is the author of numerous short stories, children's stories, poems and nine recent fiction novels. She started publishing children’s stories and short stories in 1996. At the same time, she joined the Creative Writers Group in Port Moody and the Tri-City Wordsmiths. Visit Gisela at


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Sat., August 10th 2024


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Cristy Watson

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Sat., October 5th 2024



Debra Purdy Kong

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Sat., December 7th 2024



Colleen Van Niekirk

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